About Me

Dear Reader,

To save you asking “what do you do?” here goes;

I think it would be unfair for me to try and bring down what I do to just one title, so sit back as this is quite a read. I have 3 passions (in no particular order) which are Aerospace, Fashion, and Tech. In all three my role is to answer the question “how can we do this better?”, to place this is under an umbrella and for want of a better word- I am a brand strategist. Which means it is my job to know what is working and what isn’t and how I can take a brand from point A to Z and ensure they have the tools to thrive consistently.

As a brand strategist,  it’s all about connectivity; linking ideas, brands, and creative solutions to deliver a package that moulds into a successful business model. Whether it be helping you plan a look-book, event, collaboration, or getting into retailers, I leave every brand in a far better position, with a higher record of achievement, and undeniably more self sufficient. My network of contacts, creative ingenuity, and experience in the corporate world is a winning formula for successfully monetizing brands within the fashion industry.

So why the blog? I’m passionate about the brands I see out there that have great potential or are already killing it, and as a result I want to showcase them. Some of them may already be clients, while others are prospective clients. I want the world to see what excites me, this blog is a one stop shop to know what’s hot both in and outside of the UK, and some of these brands may not have the resources for such press. I have three strands under my Vandal Way entity which are: Vandal Way the fashion blog, Crepchick- which is my alias for sneaker related fashion posts (also linked to Youtube), and finally Volster, which is where I showcase holster bags designed and sold by me (quite possibly the only time I will design something non-tech related).

This is your chance to know how my mind works; what I like, trends I’ve noticed, what I’ve done, where I’ve been, and anything in between that helps you decide to create or restructure your brand The Vandal Way. To put it quite simply, this is a snapshot of my mind and quite often the catalyst of the work I undertake with any given brand.

Some say they’re the plug, a plug doesn’t work without a source, and that’s me *waves*


Your influencer’s influencer.