Astrid Andersen signals another solid 10 years!

As you know, I haven’t missed an Astrid Andersen show or presentation in the last three years and I wasn’t about to start with her 10th year show. Having amassed a huge amount of respect in the industry, Astrid showcased her AW20 collection to a packed audience at the Truman Brewery.

For this collection, Astrid takes inspiration from her childhood in Denmark, whilst maintaining some of her signature looks. Astrid’s unremitting aptitude for putting together fire looks was evident, with autumnal hues being prevalent among the collection.  She takes a floral print, representing her mothers home, and uses it as a base for a number of the pieces features in the collection such as tracksuits and sleeveless shirts.

Astrid utilises a range of textures from nylon, to knitwear and even fur to create a collection that was just as upbeat as the show music. Evidence of childhood playfulness is seen in items such as ponchos, fur robes, and even clashing prints, but she juxtaposes this with an element of maturity in streetwear through the structure and finishing of her designs. For example, tracksuits are given flared bottoms and waistbelts for a more structured look, she also uses a moss green fabric which creates a uniform-like composition, even her floral pieces have flared sleeve cuffs for a more refined look.

As a milestone show,  its only right she revisited the past and drew from it to bring us a refreshed collection that may form the basis for signature motifs moving forward. One thing is clear, Astrid’s designs have a solid foothold for the next 10 years!

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