clothsurgeon quenches our thirst!

Not only are brand collaborations becoming more prevalent within fashion, but they are also cutting across sectors. When done right this can result in a beautiful representation of industries colliding. The ability to take an industry that may be outside of fashion, and change the context a consumer associates the brand with, is a skill set not all have mastered. Being able to incorporate the logo of a brand outside of the industry in a way that is tasteful and desirable is something that clothing connoisseur clothsurgeon (Rav Matharu) has achieved with his latest collaboration with Coca Cola.

If there’s one thing I appreciate most, its good cut and sew craftmanship; couple that with design prowess and you’ve almost certainly created a garment worth buying. Luckily, the clothSurgeon provides this in abundance with his latest collection which is brimming with versatility.  From sportswear to utilitarian attire, this collection is packed with statement pieces. Whether its the Coke red paisley two piece or the Khaki green trousers, each piece is emblazoned with the distinctive Coca Cola emblem.

Each look is well executed and intriguing, the all over print jacket and trousers among other pieces, offer a nostalgic feeling and familiarity with the brand. One thing I admire about the collection is the decision to not overuse Coca-Cola’s signature red, instead he opts for autumnal hues with mustard, green, and brown and even throws in a playful light blue tracksuit. With Christmas fast approaching, the clothsurgeon has certainly quenched the thirst for quirky brand collaborations.

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