Get your hands on Martin Myaka

I will always be fascinated by the the simplicity and durability of workwear. It is this functional attire that allowed workwear to seamlessly integrate into daily attire. Being able to wear a pair of Carhartts or Dickies and pass it off as stylish, is easily done with the right fit. One brand that makes this easier to accomplish is Martin Myaka.

The eponymous label specialises in customising the ever popular Dickies jacket. He does this by adding his trademark thumbsdown/ heart shaped stitch across the chest. With the ‘hand’ being the Myaka logo, its no wonder he adds it to details such as the zip. Released in a range of colours from blood red to chocolate brown, these are easily wardrobe staples.

Earlier this year Myaka released a similar design on trousers  with a playful placement of his stitching across the crotch.  Its clear that even with a simplistic design, Myaka is able to produce understated yet distinctive pieces. If he is to remain in workwear I’d love to see him create overalls or release a formal collaboration. With such a fast sellout, I can’t promise it will be easy to get your hands on Martin Myaka, but it will be worth it.

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