Its a RIOT!

Cozy season is well and truly upon us, but that’s no excuse to not take your style seriously. Tracksuits and hoodies aren’t the only weather appropriate attire as brands add to their collections by offering a range of insulated yet stylish garments. One brand that understands this all too well is Riot Hill. The Los Angeles based brand offers a monochromatic dream comprised of utilitarian attire.

Riot Hill  emboldens subversive culture by creating heavily defined pieces. For example, its military MA-1 Nylon cargo pant (my personal favourite) features external pockets and silver detailing which complements its military boot. Its swiss cargo bomber follows the same suit as the exaggerated number of pockets draws attention to it. Even the more simplistic pieces such as its hoodie, features a provocative ‘parental guidance’ print.

The brand seemingly takes inspiration from all branches of the Armed Forces, its American flight jacket and its cargo pants display this perfectly. Nevertheless it also carries an anarchic feel whether its through the oil on denim or its shattered glass print tees; if you want a revolution then you need to start with Riot!