J. Abrams – Bandana Bandit!

If you’ve been following my personal page you’ll know that I’ve transitioned from wearing Beanies to Bandanas purely because of the heat. We all know that paisley has been a hit for some time now, from Kapital to Loewe, brands have been showing us how well suited paisley print can be, and not just as an accessory!  One brand that is currently using the print to give us summer appropriate pieces is J. Abrams.

J. Abrams has created silk lined bandana print shorts in a kaleidoscope of colours. These lightweight shorts are perfect for pairing with Jordans or fresh white Air Force Ones. With such a range, this a perfect way to inject some colour into your wardrobe! I’m having a hard time choosing my favourite, as each one is perfect for my sneaker collection. If the  Notting Hill Carnival was still taking place, this is definitely what I would be wearing.

J. Abrams has taken something as simplistic as the bandana and turned into it the ideal center piece for an outfit! Being honest, this is something you’d probably want to match with your friends or your bae for the ultimate bandana bandit look. Regardless of the colour I’m definitely repping the J. Abrams set!


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