Loaf around in Duke & Dexter

While most of you know me as a massive sneakerhead, if you’ve been watching my gram in the past year you’ll know that I have recently been sporting more shoes, from Dr Marten x Stussy loafers to Filling Pieces mules. I’ve got a taste for smart casual and slowly adopting a more Tyler the Creator type aesthetic, as a result getting more statement shoes has become a priority; maybe even more so than trainers.

One brand I discovered through DJ Ashton Gohil is UK based, Duke & Dexter. While the brand makes trainers in clean silhouettes perfect for holiday strolls, its their loafers that caught my attention; more specifically their recent collaboration with Playboy. If you want to fully take on that Hugh Hefner persona, then this is the idea capsule collection from penny loafers to a full on camo robe and accessories.

The limited edition loafers come in three styles, plain black or with a playboy bunny doll print across both shoes as well another style with various dolls printed on the top. The print versions are for sure my favourite as they are unlike regular loafers. For a shoe that is associated with smart wear and perhaps being serious, this is a fun and quirky take. The black and white leather loafers are true picture of elegance and style, and their recent restock is sure to stock out yet again. These are perfect for loafing around and will definitely put a pep in your step.