Patrick Church – a blessing to Fashion & Art!

Its been a while since I’ve stumbled across a brand that represents the LGBTQ+ community so well, both in design and inclusion. Patrick Church is an eponymous label borne out of artistry, the multimedia artist, uses garments as his canvas and paints on leather.

Church displays bold prints on his pieces; mainly of enlarged faces and words relating to mental health and emotions. The bleached denim garment in the “All over you” collection is a truly a masterpiece both in fashion and art. Church’s work is daring and colorful, making it the poster brand for those who wish to live boldly, through fashion statements that reflect their personality.

Church has a way of injecting energy into his pieces and subsequently the wearer confidently displays them. While his work has been seen on celebrities such as Teyana Taylor, Katie Perry & Lil Kim; Church’s devotion to inclusivity sees his pieces become interwoven with the lives of everyday people that aren’t afraid to have fun with their wardrobe.  Straddling across and making a success of multiple disciplines. its clear that Church is truly a blessed artist & designer.

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