Ride this Wave!

One of the biggest parts of black culture is keeping your hairstyle in check. Whether its having fresh waves, or keeping your edges cute, durags are a prime accessory which have transitioned from being sleepwear, to casual headwear. These days, its not out of the ordinary to see someone in a durag at a party or just as part of casual attire. Rather than just wearing your everyday durag, one UK brand has been creating high quality durags that you’d want to be seen in outside.

Waved 360 has produced an array of beautiful velvet durags that compliment any attire. From deep blues to indulgent chocolate, the colourways are flattering to melanated skin, and ensure you remain stylish even in the bedroom.

Beyond casual headwraps, Waved 360 also creates custom durags, complete with crown beading or adorned with pearls, these hand embellished creations allow the wearer to feel like royalty.  The resurgence of durags has created a niche wherein luxury headwear can exist and this is exactly where the brand thrives. With any of their pieces, you’ll confidently want to give those around you a 360 view of your head.

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