Sheron Barber carves his way into custom luxury

For many people, owning a luxury item is an achievement and something to hold on to dearly. You might think its uncommon to find people wanting to upcycle newly owned luxury items, however this is exactly the niche that one US based designer operates in. Sheron Barber is known for doing the unthinkable, using luxury accessories as his material of choice. Barber produces custom pieces from to watch to bottle holders and even doggy harnesses, using material cut from luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton & Goyard.

After meeting Barber in Paris Fashion Week Mens, I became intrigued by his craftmanship. The leather lord makes waves with his creations made for celebrity clients such as Teyana Taylor, Saweetie & Da Baby. Barber’s ingenuity is truly a marvel as shown in his ability to create even the most complex designs from simple handbags. For example he creates a body harness and gloves from a Louis Vuitton duffle, and even uses accessories from Virgil Abloh’s ‘Heaven on Earth’ show to create a Clase Azul Tequila holder (talk about turning up in style).

One of the best qualities about Barber’s work is his ability to maintain the high standard that comes with a luxury item. One would assume that cutting up a luxury item would cheapen it, but Barber applies the same meticulous diligence to his artisanship and in doing so elevates the product in his upcycling process and cements his mark on an item. Like the materials he uses,  Barber caters to those that value opulence so it would be fitting to see the designer collaborate directly with one of the fashion houses to perhaps create a capsule collection of unique accessories. As Barber continues to work independently, his ever growing popularity is a testament to the lane that he’s carving out for himself as an authentic custom luxury designer.

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