Sporty Dykes Unite!

With Pride month being round the corner, its only right I cover some brands within the LGBTQ+ community. I wanted to make sure that these were authentic representatives of the community as opposed to brands capitalizing on the occasion, and Dyke Sport owned by Georgia Fallon was a perfect candidate.

Having first being debuted during London Fashion Week 2019, the empowering brand has been well received both within and outside of the community. The pieces Fallon makes are as captivating as the brand name itself. Her reclamation of the word ‘Dyke’ is a fierce shot back at homophobia and those who exhibit it. Dyke Sport is an unwavering representation of gay women within the fashion industry, something which is rarely seen.

The brand displays a number of 80s chic lycra body suits, that come in a range of summer ready colours. These vibrant garments feature marble-like lines across the piece which accentuate and celebrate the female form. Recently we’ve been inundated with instances where sportswear meets fashion, however Dyke Sport is able to merge the two tastefully and give it a futuristic edge. The cycling inspired body suits can easily be dressed up for the perfect sexy statement piece.

Dyke Sport makes clothing that allows consumers to feel and be unapologetically queer, I’d like to think that in an ideal world the likes of Grace Jones would be the face of the brand. Fallon has done well to create a brand that embodies the progressive times we are in, and changes the narrative to represent all dykes out there!

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