Stay in Sync

Its no secret that I am a big fan of denim and an avid collector, so when I come across a new brand that creates or customises denim using innovative methods, I will 100% delve in to to see all it has to offer. Sync Denim is the latest brand to pop up on my radar and my admiration for their pieces goes beyond the denim collection into some of their essential items.

Sync denim can be described as both structured and experimental, their Standford denim is heavy and rigid allowing the brand to use it as a solid canvas for trialing new designs such as the tie-dye camo jacket, or my personal favourite, the mud crack jacket; made by hand spreading mud and spraying with potassium to make a uniquely beautiful cracked stained effect. Sync denim clearly has an understanding of how denim responds to chemicals as they apply science to create their masterpieces.

Looking beyond their denim collection, the brand’s joggers, sweat shorts and shirts are perfect for the season as they feature vibrant tie dyed patterns. Even the brand’s cozy wear can’t be restricted to indoor use only, as you’d definitely want to step out, head to toe in sync. With each piece named after educational institutions, its clear that Sync is schooling everyone on how to look good and the best way to do that is to stay in Sync.