Strange things are coming…

There’s still something so precious about discovering a brand before they make their debut; and quite honestly its been a while since that happened. However I came across a brand that hits the mark and looks set to break through the US market. Lisa Lë Strange sets streetwear among an eerie backdrop, making for a dark yet intriguing first collection.

Think Addam’s family does fashion; the style and set design of Le Strange’s first collection is genius and brings out the fine points of the garments without actually revealing too much. For example we see the raised print on the back of hoody and the wool checkerboard cardigan but just enough to serve as a teaser. It’s clear that whatever Lisa Lë Strange is putting together won’t be hidden for long.

What really caught my eye was the khaki workwear style two-piece, complete with cuff ties. When punk meets streetwear something truly unique can be created. Whilst Halloween might be over; stranger things are clearly still coming and we’re ready to receive them.

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