Take my Money!

Throughout this year, I’ve been enjoying the increase in denim designers. A good trouser should provide structure to an outfit, from how the hem sits on your footwear of choice, to the interaction and layering between your top and outerwear- the cut and style is everything!  One brand that clearly understands this, is Wire My Money.

The brand has a distinctive style that runs through past and present collections. The arched crotch design allows them to experiment with contrasting hues and transforms the trouser from a supporting garment to a statement piece. Wire my Money has found the balance between straight-leg and baggy jeans and the result is a lightly stacked jean with the simplicity of a straight leg jean but the freedom of a baggy jean.

Another genius idea from the brand was the use of softer colours such as lemon yellow and mint green, which appeals to varying preferences and seasons, as well as injects fun into this core street style. Quality cut and sew such as this deserves a purchase so if anyone’s owing you money, they better wire it!

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