The Lead in Bead

When it comes to playful materials, there’s really not many that are as playful yet intricate as beading. The countless hours it takes to construct a piece bead by bead especially when contorting it into the format of a dress or two piece is an admirable labour. So far I’ve only ever written about beaded bags, but now thanks to Germanier I can write about a whole beaded collection.

Kevin Germanier can only be described as the bead boss, as he crafts masterful pieces out of balled plastic. Whilst you might imagine rigid boxy pieces, Germanier is anything but; as he is able to manipulate the clothing to form pleats, ruffles, peplums and rings in an array of colours. The designer uses up-cycled plastic and fashions it into dresses, boots, and even beaded gloves that instantly become the stuff of dreams. Not satisfied with his genius, Germanier ups the anti with each collection, creating pieces with daring cut outs, fearsome masks, and even tassled beading.

These designs go beyond statement pieces and are more like declarations of confidence, as his otherworldly creations burst to life on the wearer, creating a spectacular vision like no other.  From his days as a junior designer at Louis Vuitton to his Ugg collaboration, Germanier has been destined for greatness, as he champions divergent design by solidifying himself as the lead in bead!