Wales Bonner gets us into the groove!

Looking at the LFW Men’s Schedule, the surprising moment came when I saw Wales Bonner pop up. For me, this is one of those brands that I’ve, in some ways, revered. Being a black female designer Grace Wales Bonner holds a high level of respect within the industry so naturally it would be a much anticipated show.

Before the show began I was grinning with glee owed to the fact that the theme of the show ‘Lovers Rock’, was an ode to second generation Afro-Caribbean music scene in England. The entire collection had an air of 70’s cool about it, with its earthy colour base, Bonner was able to illustrate the effortless chic style of the era.

Outfits such as knitted vests were paired with ivory paperbag trousers, which are quintessential hall marks of the times, complete with oversized baker boy hats. Bonner uses patterns and cuts to inject fun into the collection, the relaxed tailoring through the use of flared trousers and flowing skirts allow us to get into the dancing mood as the collection portrays free movement.

Even in the more ‘formal’ pieces she pairs tailored jackets with stripey two pieces and finishes it off with Adidas trainers. The collection is enough to get your hips moving with excitement, and the flash injections of colour do not go amiss among this preppy presentation of culture. Bonner balances the juxtaposition of workwear with 70s ‘whine’ wear to give us a collection that really connected to those in the room.

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