A whole Nu world!

Whilst most people think of garments as basic fabrics to adorn your body with, there are some brands that clearly understand just how much it is a presentation of self and how it supports stance and movement.

One such brand is Nuba, with its elevated designs that exude youthful elegance. The brands definitive silhouettes allow the wearer to adopt a distinctive posture much like the garments that have reinterpreted style codes and staples. The brain child of Cameron Williams and Jebi Labembika, Nuba is intentional on showcasing non-conforming designs in every sense of the word. From the exaggerated shoulders to the use of draping; a dominant yet free flowing sense of presence is established through their tailoring techniques.

Williams and Labembika reject what we perceive as fashion ideals opting for a point of difference in every attire. For example their skirted pants and hooded and caped shirts are sure to shift perspectives on menswear, as well as provoke a direct change in movement. It’s no wonder their first collection is aptly titled “Escape” as an exit from societal norms. Nuba allows the wearer to develop their own translation of style and presentation,and in doing so carries a strong aura in this new sense of identity.

The use of 3 main colours; rust, cream, and black and monochrome designs really brings in a sense of calm and stillness, allowing you to focus completely on the transcendent design. There’s a quiet confidence around this collection and it’s clear that Williams and Labembika are ushering in a whole Nu world.