Anthony Carry on!

It might seem crazy to release a tracksuit in the middle of summer but if you live in the UK you know that cozy attire is necessary all year round, and this year is no exception. But while the attire may be familiar the style doesn’t have to be.

Self named brand Anthony Calydon, has turned jerseys into a thing of beauty with the soon to be released grey frill outlined jersey set. The pieces additional details, such as the frills and flared bottoms, have taken what is otherwise perceived as an everyday garment and added a touch of femininity and flair to it.

This is not the first time Calydon has created a textured garment with a softened aesthetic. We see it with his albino dinosaur skin trousers and the cream boucle vest. There’s a buttery goodness that exudes from each of his pieces and despite the slightly increasing temperatures, with creations this good I hope Anthony carries on!