Baba of Fashion

Tenure will always be a differentiator among fashion designers, easily identifiable by the fruits of their labour. You can tell when a designer has been long in the craft, studying every facet of what it takes to bring about a brand with meaning, designs with depth, and tailoring with finesse. One designer that clearly demonstrates this is Gambian designer, Baba Jagne.

The LA based designer to the stars, uses his wealth of tailoring knowledge to create breathtaking designs in both menswear and womenswear. Jagne’s collections transcend seasons, as he manipulates and contorts fabrics to create aggrandising garments. His ability to restructure leathers, denims, and even wool highlights his proficiency in tailoring.

This is a person with a keen understanding of proportions, structure, and movement as he creates stage ready outfits for the likes of Usher, Kelly Rowland, and more recently, Victoria Monet. These luxury bespoke designs are the brainchild of a seasoned professional, one who not only knows the power of being well dressed, but has the means the execute it in a way that honours the principles of fashion, while ushering in the new and experimental designs. It’s this level of mastery that allows him to be viewed as a Father of Fashion and one that will hopefully be teaching the fashion community for years to come, as we’re certainly taking notes.