Bag that Yuzefi!

I find it rare to be able to find brands that are able to create both clothing and accessories to the same level of standard. In most cases, I find that one is clearly more their niche than another. However one brand has disproved that theory by having well designed bags and clothing.

Founded by designer Naza Yousefi, Yuzefi first caught my eye with its dresses but I quickly discovered their bags sculpted in an architectural fashion with its geometrical shapes and clean lines.

The same can be said for the apparel as Yousefi opts for monochrome pieces, with clean lines and smart cuts. For Yousefi, it’s clear that structure again plays a role. There’s a precise art to how the garment sits on the body; with daring cuts and ties sitting in precisely the right place to cinch or elongate the garment.

Yuzefi’s meticulous attention to detail results in a clean and powerful aesthetic that translates even in its more cosy chic attire. The pieces truly are a work of art and like the bags need no additional gimmicks. Every part of its contemporary design adds to its subtle allure, so if chic is what you’re going for, I suggest you bag that Yuzefi!