Cuckoo for Cucculelli Shaheen!

Just because its getting colder doesn’t mean your outfits have to dry up. I’m a sucker for the holiday festivities and every opportunity it brings for you to dress up.

One brand that will absolutely reignite your longing to be outside is eponymous label, Cucculelli Shaheen; the brain child of Anna Rose Shaheen & Anthony Cucculelli. The New York City based luxury brand is the stuff of dreams. With a prominent motif of embellishment in the form of pearls, sequins, crystals, and beading, it’s easy to see why this brand deserves the spotlight.

Cucculelli Shaheen’s garments are a thing of beauty. Shimmering in the limelight, the pieces have an elegant flow and perfect drop in both their dresses and trousers. Opting for lightweight materials such as tulle, the perfect drop is achieved through the weighting of the added embellishment.

Their recent collection inspired by the Manhattan skyline features sunset colours in pastel pinks, yellows, red, and orange. Each piece allows the wearer to move gracefully and really contrast against the hustle & bustle of a New York backdrop. Personally with this much intricate detailing, its not surprising that I’m cuckoo for Cuccelelli Shaheen!