Deep in my AG

I’m no stranger to the buzz of crochet which has been around for some time now in clothing, in accessories, and even in hair! Whilst I’m slowly overcoming my love for crochet garments, I’ve definitely moved on to accessories having bought a crochet bag at Christmas. My only wish would be that I waited until the next AG Pierrini (AGP) pre-order to buy one.

Created by Annabelle Gatti Pierrini, the brands vibrant and buoyant bags are a must have accessory. AGP ‘s thick knit bags are a statement piece perfect for the season and sure to brighten up any outfit. The bags come in various sizes, from the mini Massiccio, to the large crossbody Tracolla; allowing you to fit in your much needed essentials.

Due to their monochrome design, these bags are definitely unisex and have been spotted on a few of my favourite male creatives as what can only be described as a wearable art piece constructed in an architectural form. The fact that these beautifully crafted pieces are not being mass produced, let’s me know that Pierrini is deep in her BAG and staying there! The best part is, the pre-orders have re-opened today so you can get in yours too!