Detailed to Perfection

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t noticed the rise of jorts (jean shorts) or the resurgence of denim (not that it ever really died in my opinion). The super wide legged denim shorts is the new figure lengthening approach to your summer wardrobe.

Whilst they come in a range of styles and denim types, the preferred and perhaps most eye catching is the raw denim jorts. One brand who understands the power of well structured denim is Atelier Details.

The brand first burst on to the scene with their raw denim ‘NY’ co-ord, comprising of a short sleeved jacket and baggy denim jeans and has since gone on to release another set featuring a double pocket detailing and now even more recently, a form fitting double pocket jorts.

The jorts flare out exactly at the right angle and are in a rich raw denim that brings structure to any outfit. Regardless of what they’re paired with, you’re instantly drawn to them as with all their garments, they sit on the body perfectly. Whether it’s the contrast stitching, the boxy fit, or the double pocket, each fit is detailed to perfection.