Feeling Broude-y!

A good pair of pants are hard to come by and a memorable pair even more so! The cut, fabric and fit is so important to the overall look and rarely are they all in alignment. One brand that knows this a little too well is genderless Australian brand, Eitan Broude.

The signature squiggle pants are an interesting take on the basic design of pants as they feature a deep waistline curve that instantly makes them sexy and alluring. Available in cream and black with contrasting stitching, the brand clearly understands how to make a statement piece and have implemented the squiggle in other pieces.

The brand’s squiggle pants have definitely been made with movement in mind, as the wearer is no longer subjected to the often constricted feeling around their stomach due to the curve. The pants are truly created for anyone as suited to all body and style types. I’m always trying to shop for new pants and after shopping around I’m definitely feeling broude-y for these babys!