Go for Gold in Grete!

With the Met Gala almost upon us- I started thinking about designers that wouldn’t be out of place at fashion’s Mecca. This years theme being Karl Lagerfeld is perfect considering his love of jewellery. One brand well suited to the theme is eponymous label Grete Henriette.

The UK based award winning designer creates the stuff of dreams; up cycling jewellery to bring provocative art pieces to life. The use of gold, crystals, pearls, and seashells make for dreamlike silhouettes that capture what can only be described as a 17th century romance between art and fashion. Much like the era that saw luxury goods brought to Britain for the first time, Grete conveys splendour and superiority in a space that often seeks to minimise individualism.

This is exactly what you’d expect to see on an editorial if the mood-board was to illustrate the Spanish empire; with bodies draped in jewellery to really showcase opulence and finery. The pieces stand-alone and need no backdrop of fabric as their transparency adds to the allure, with the real canvas being the human form-whichever shape it takes. Whether it’s the ballroom scene, the red carpet, or the front cover of a magazine your best best bet at captivating an audience is to go for gold in Grete.