J Sick!

I’m going through a phase where I prefer and appreciate more fitted and almost sensual clothing especially when it comes to special events, and as with most summer nights, the girls have been stepping out!

Whilst you may say that a lot of brands cater to the allure of sculpted womenswear, not all do it as well as designer James Garland and his brand J6. With its deep blues and dark leathers, Garland has created strikingly confident collections that appear to fit beautifully.

Fittingly modelled by Anok Yai, the pieces cinch and drape beautifully. Whether it’s blue fur coat with its luxurious look, hanging at the shoulders to expose the collarbone; or the side buttoned top and skirt combo which gives you the room to unbutton as much as you wish, Garland knows how to create pieces with presence.

His choice of materials like fur, velvet, snakeskin leather and even his crystal embellished pieces easily convey opulence in a way that only garments can, which is sure to make you the focal point of any room. Considering this is a fairly new brand it’s clear James is already sick at what he does and the bar has definitely been set for his 3rd collection.