Materiel Girl!

As it gets closer to the holiday season, the parties are coming up but with the moodiness of the cold weather brewing, it’s time to get cool leather looks underway.

We know that leather isn’t going anywhere, from bombers to macs and bikers- it’s always been a sleek statement look; but one brand has carved out leather as it’s starting point. Georgian brand Materiel is an innovator when it comes to the design and structure of leather pieces.

The brands studded cropped jackets, croc bras, and open back jackets, display a level of ingenuity that can only be possessed by those who have spent time manipulating leather and contorting it into unseen non-conforming structures.

These strong, dynamic looks are ripe for the season, and might even be capable of replacing some of your well loved vintage leather finds. Leather has always been the bold choice but in Materiel even more so, as these sculpted garments drape over the body and open up in places to reveal more angular parts of the body. With such fluid yet precise tailoring, it’s fair to say that if you want to cover up without feeling completely enveloped then this is the brand for you. Personally, I’m a hundred percent a Materiel Girl!