Mmuso Dresswell

If there’s one thing South African based brands are going to do, it’s showcase undisputed tailoring prowess through contemporary designs. Another brand to add to the every growing arsenal of SA talent is Mmuso Maxwell.

Founded by Maxwell Boko and Mmuso Potsane, Mmuso Maxwell is a brilliant display of tailoring done well. The brands beautifully structured garments need no gimmicks or additions, as each monochrome masterpiece features precise details that culminate in a distinct silhouette.

Their denim two pieces such as the sleeveless crop top made to resemble upside down pants, are truly innovative as they always contain design variations that enhance wardrobe favourites.

Boko and Potsane clearly have a knack for integration as garments are skillfully refined each with a unique twist. For example their handmade felt jacket features an interwoven belt ascended into the spine of the jacket widening the proportion and strengthening the design. The same can be said for its dresses which often feature tied inserts that draw attention to and widen the chest area whilst creating a real sense of presence. These seamless integrations not only elevate the pieces but guide the wearer into a confident posture for them to be displayed in full grandeur. In short Mmuso Maxwell is brand for those that proudly want it to be known that they dress well.