Put on some Pagas

Womenswear has been hotting up for a minute, but there are a few brands that I can confidently say has contributed to turning it up a notch, one of which is independent designer Patrycja Pagas. Patrycja and her eponymous label is one of the most delightful discoveries I’ve come across this year.

After seeing her crafty construction of vegan leather two pieces its impossible to not want a piece of what I can only describe as bad-assery. Her cropped boxy jacket and super mini wrap skirts are a vision; and its not the first time shes made such strikingly unique pieces. Pagas’ oversized leather blazer features exaggerated rounded shoulders and her tule dresses have a focal point at the chest similar to a flower while they drape at the bottom. Pagas knows how to create ‘main character’ pieces as each statement look is sure to put you at the centre of any room.

Its no surprise that the brand has already been seen on the red carpet worn by the likes of singer, Normani at the 2021 VMA’s and also worn by actress Ryan Destiny. The brand inspires confidence as it taps into femininity through its bold creations. So if feeling assertive and sexy is what you crave, then put on some Pagas.