Put the Llens on Lamar

In an age where we are digitally force fed where to shop and what to wear, it stays becoming uniform and more effort is required to maintain originality. One designer that’s creating clothes purely for his own aesthetic is Lamar Llens.

Lamar’s unique take on a variety of co-ords is exactly what drew me to his page. His experimentation of fabrics from embossed velvet to woven leather are the hallmark of texture play to create statement pieces. Lamar’s designs begin from the head down to his signature flared trousers.

It’s obvious that he enjoys the process of putting an outfit together, his colourful prints, the stacking, and oversized structure of his pieces leads to the construction of eclectic garments. When looking through the lens of Lamar’s mind we get a glimpse of the fun, non-processed side of fashion; the one that encourages you to break away from the norm.