Seasoned with Saalt!

Earth tones have long been the preferred aesthetic to convey simplicity in style, and that’s no exception in today’s street style. One brand that has successfully harnessed the allure of this colour palette while incorporating subtle changes to wardrobe favourites is Saalt Studio, created by Joseph Padayachee.

The brand first caught my eye through the drop of their knitted baseball jerseys in grey, charcoal and beige. Since then I’ve familiarised myself with their catalogue of product which includes paisley crochet cargos, jackets and more recently, fleece hoodies.

Padayachee prides himself on weaving stories through his fabrics which is evident in the time taken to craft each piece using technical manufacturing processes while being sure to drop gems about the creative process along the way. The outcome of such a meticulous design style is a collection that is akin to that of a seasoned designer. So sprinkle a little Saalt into your wardrobe and watch how your daily fits become elevated.