What Angst?

There’s certain staple styles that never follow the fashion trend cycle, punk being one of them. The dark grunge leather and acid wash garments will always feature as a style fave and when done right, evolves your presentation with its non-chalant & murky look.

One brand that understands the power to create a strong looks that easily become the uniform of a rebel or anti-hero is A Day Without Angst (ADWOA). Created by seasoned designer Dagye, ADWOA is a physical representation of the designers mysterious personality where his work expresses his thoughts and inspirations.

What we see from Dagye is well structured technical pieces made from high quality materials. One of the key tenets of punk attire is rebellion and non-conformity and ADWOA showcases exactly that with pieces that are strong, divergent, and unshrinking. These are pieces for people that are sure of themselves, unswayed by society and standing in defiance against the status quo. They’re an exact representation of the body of work we’ve seen from Dagye throughout the years. Theres no need to feel angst when wearing these pieces as they cut across the noise of fashion and its expectations.