Badu to the bone!

When you talk futuristic brands,  there are certain brands that will be part of the conversation. These brands have the ability to present collections that are expertly structured in such a way that is both familiar and new at the same time.

The genderless eponymous label Spencer Badu recently caught my eye through its modern take on wardrobe staples.  Badu has a penchant for elevating minimalism, whether it be through creating pieces that can be manipulated by the wearer or introducing asymmetrical designs, the brand has a flair for reforming the norm.

Spencer Badu makes the type of clothing that would excel in either formal or casual wear. The brand remains experimental even with a predominantly monochrome palette. As Badu comes into his own, I expect to see an increased avant garde collection with influences taken from utilitarian attire. Undoubtedly there is something slightly reminsicent of A Cold Wall in his SS20 collection, however I believe Badu is forging his own lane by  creating less polarising attire that is truly unisex.

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