Patch me up!

As you know, the excitement in finding new brands runs deep. That moment where you’ve locked into what feels like the best kept secret is purely driven by the fact that you can see the impending success of the brand just based on great design.

I was lucky enough to experience this yet again when I set eyes on the work of independent Filipino Trans designer Leby Le Moria. The young designer has created an innovative patchwork design with a befitting story of how we are made up of multiple people, experiences, and places we’ve interacted with. These interconnected memories form the structure of a garment that acts as our second skin.

Aptly titled ‘Skin’s skin’ the collection features patched denim trousers and a colourful top and dress using mixed materials. The variance in patch size, colour, and material compliments this traditional art form similar to patchwork quilts. This results in pieces that are both fun and meaningful, as each patch carries a story from the item they were part of and the rich history that comes with it.

Lebys designs are patched together by balls of white thread which brings out the patchwork even more. This stunning motif can be applied to a range of garments from blazers to skirts and even puffers and is the perfect method for upcycling. If your wardrobe is in need of something new and spirited then patch it up with Leby Le Moria.