Get into this Gala!

There are some days where simplistic and muted tones won’t cut it, where you need to unleash the chaos and reveal the most audacious outfits that are sure to turn heads. One brand that ensures you stand out using its experimentation of prints and colours is Gala Borovic.

The brand uses fashion as its playground, executing a range of pieces that are eclectic and convivial. Whether its the bubble custom printed bomber or its G string corset, these items are reminiscent of rave culture and light up any room. As a female owned brand, the trio have clearly injected each of their personalities into the brand and the result is an overflow of creativity.

As a fairly new brand, I could see Gala taking on some avant garde customs in the future and perhaps being suited to the recently held Met Gala with its striking designs. Whatever the brand does next, this is one Gala you want to be in!