Heaven on earth

With the British weather brightening up, it’s time for our wardrobe to do the same and no one is more prepared for wardrobes to burst out into bold patterns more than me. There’s no better brand for those NOT wishing to be a shrinking violet than US based, All Beneath Heaven.

Popularised for their use of colours like turquoise, rich purples and buttercup yellows; All Beneath Heaven is best described as an earthly display of paradise. The pieces have prints of landscape and nature translating the universe into personal artefacts.

The brand’s luxurious pieces go beyond being a statement to more conversational, adorned with quotes and artwork signalling the celebration of “the journey”. It feels as through brand designer Jimmy Alexander is trying to tell us a story, hence his first collection being aptly named “The Prologue”. Except in Alexander’s story’s the signposts he uses are pearl buttons, silk, and hand sewn embroidery to weave his childlike imagination together. Alexander’s new narrative is nothing short of heavenly and I’m ready to see the next chapter.