Out of Africa: Adusei

When you think of African fashion, most people expect prints, tie-dye, bold headwear, and materials such as lace and hand spun fabric.

One person that knows this all too well is Ghanaian designer Kwame Adusei. The namesake brand is known for its differing interpretation of African fashion using minimalism. Adusei strips back from the typical prints we’ve all become accustomed to, instead opting for monochrome designs to suit varying silhouettes.

Whether it’s draped, sculpted, cinched or fitted. Adusei clearly understands form as he creates pieces with all forms in mind. The result is a collection of pieces that have been manipulated to fit exactly as desired in oneness with the wearer. Even his leather goods both daring and sleek, convey a direct message on style and it’s cornerstone in craftsmanship.

Adusei has fashioned timeless creations that outlast the busyness of prints, seasonal expectation, style codes and even gender. The interpretation of fashion from his heritage is incorporated in more obscure ways and these divergent creations are exactly what makes his genius one of Africa’s most promising exports.