Piece it together!

We all know that sustainability has become the focal point of fashion. Gone are the days of shopping without considering the environmental aspect of an item and the contribution of waste. One brand that allows people to abide by their sustainability goals is Nigeria based, Pièce et Patch.

Founded by Nigerian artist Wavy The Creator, Pièce et Patch’s unique venture into fashion is by upcyling materials into garments and accessories. The new brand has made waves with its punk-esque aesthetic using a hybrid of materials such as denim, stainless steel, and leather.

The brands cropped jackets, distressed denim ‘PEP Shoes’, and the innovative denim pants bag are just a few of the gems already released. Despite the garments being sourced from recycled materials, you certainly won’t feel second best as each piece is a 1 of 1, meaning you’re able to showcase your individuality while doing your bit for the environment. The brand definitely has a knack for piecing things together to bring you designs worthy of a rockstar.