Sunwoo in my sphere!

While there is obviously a place for playing it safe in fashion especially in the mass market, the best styles often come from those that dare to push the boundaries. Creating unique and often eccentric styles that are editorial ready is a lane that Sunwoo Chang is all to familiar with.

The CSM graduate has honed in and expanded on a niche in creating garments that feature circular discs which are incorporated into all garments from dresses to gloves. Sunwoo’s spheres have been released in various monochromatic tones and are often used in editorials with artists such as Doja Cat and Solange Knowles. The unusual stacked spheres are a bold entrance into the market and need little else to convey their vibrancy.

Sunwoo’s motif quickly turns a garment from static to fluid and is better suited to those likely to be in front of a camera, whether that be on a red carpet or in a studio. Her voluminous, expandable collection almost feel like you’re living within an outfit as they pop up to reveal even more layers. This playful attire will certainly make you feel young as her artistic flair injects energy and freedom as you move through the spirals.