TrynaB the best !

In the current crisis, most people aren’t buying as much as they used to. With shops closed, and job security uncertain, this is the time to make use of what you’ve got. One brand that is very good at doing that and continuously gives me inspiration to do the same, is TrynaB Studios.

The brand up-cycles sportswear to create cute two pieces perfect for the weather ahead. I first discovered Tryna B on Depop when their upcycled Nike sweats caught me by surprise. Since then I’ve found it’s vintage heaven to be every sporty chicks dream.

The brand makes use of all athletic materials from bags to create their Nike blazer, to waterproof joggers to create its skirt and off shoulder crop top.

Tryna B studios creates clothes that allows you to see the potential in the pieces you’ve condemned. Whether it’s an old college sweater or Nike socks and even scrunchies; the brand finds the beauty in discarded items.

If you’re trying to put a little feminine energy into your sportswear then this is the brand for you, and you get to save the planet in the process! TrynaB Studios is a small business making a big impact and in doing so its captured the attention of females around the globe.